Friday, August 10, 2007

Okay, first official post!

Steve Murphy, an awesome writer and very important staff member for Mirage, recently blogged about two very exciting projects: 1) the beginnings of a TMNT retro clothing line featuring Krang, Rocksteady, and Bebop from the old toon; and 2) Jagwar, popular member of the Mighty Mutanimals and ally of the TMNT (from the Archies series), will be making his debut in action figure form!

First, regarding OT merchandise... I think it's a great idea! I grew up watching the OT every Saturday morning, and I thought the villains of the show were just as entertaining as the turtles themselves. Who doesn't get a kick out of Shredder berating his useless mutant henchman, or Krang whining and burping at Shredder for his incompetence? It'll be great to see these guys again, even if they're only on t-shirts. Let's hope we'll be seeing more merch from this new retro line.

Jagwar! I can't believe he's going to get the action figure treatment. It's literally been almost ten years since we've seen an Archies character show up in any medium, let alone the toy line. With the Forever War looming over the horizon, I certainly hope that Jagwar won't be the last Archies character we'll be seeing. On a side note, I wonder how Playmates is going to present the turtles from different countries. I'm hoping for some cool looking costumes! And for those who are groaning about getting too many TMNT variants... at least we're not getting another round of "extreme sports" turtles. Err... just ignore the 2nd Mikey movie figure for that last line to work. Anyway, I'm going to be picking Jagwar up as soon as he hits the shelves. He was always my favorite Mutanimal, and even though the entire team was destroyed in the comics, at least he'll be back if only for a brief moment in the sun (unless, of course, Mirage has other plans).

Special thanks to Murphy for sharing this news with us turtle fans!

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