Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kevin Eastman & Simon Bisley

Sorry for the lag in posts. I initially tried to post something new every week, but life's been keeping me pretty busy lately. Anyway, on to more artwork!

During SDCC '08, I rushed to the Heavy Metal booth to pick up the Bodycount hardcover reprint. Kevin was there Thursday afternoon, and he was giving free sketches to all those that purchased Bodycount. I already got a Mikey sketch from him last year on my copy of his artobiography, so I ended up with Leo this year:

Kevin may not be heavily involved with the TMNT any more, but he's still incredibly kind to all of the turtle fans that were lining up at his booth. He told me that he'd be playing a role in the TMNT's 25th anniversary, but he didn't (or perhaps couldn't) elaborate on what he'll be contributing. I certainly hope it'll be more than a pin-up.

I caught up with Simon Bisley the next day, and I can honestly say that the man scares me a bit. He was cracking a lot of crude jokes (which I found hilarious), but he also enjoyed drilling the people asking him for sketches. One poor guy made the mistake of questioning Simon on his marker choices, telling the crazed Brit that black ink turns brown over time. Simon, who was rightfully irritated, gave him a hell of a hard time before finishing a sketch. When my turn came up, I was horrified that he'd sketch something obscene for me because I saw him write something pretty bad (the "c" word) on someone's sketchbook earlier. Fortunately, he didn't do much except try to sell me a painting, LOL. He gave me this funny sketch of "Biz Man", an obvious play on a certain caped crusader:

Meeting Simon was definitely an adventure in its own right. To see more of his artwork, check out his official website:

(WARNING: May not be work safe!)
The Simon Bisley Gallery

And for more of what Kevin Eastman is up to nowadays:

(WARNING: May also not be work safe!)
Heavy Metal

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Friday, September 5, 2008

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Leo by LeSean Thomas

Sorry for the late post, but whenever things at work get busy, I tend to disappear from the internet. Anyway, the following sketch of Leonardo is from LeSean Thomas, former artist on the TMNT Animated comics from Dreamwave. LeSean was hard to find during SDCC, and I visited the booth he was at twice on Thursday and Friday with no luck. A lady working there told me to keep dropping in because I seemed to keep missing LeSean by just a few minutes. On Saturday, I finally got the chance to meet him. He's a really nice guy and extremely gracious. I spoke to him briefly about his work as a storyboard artist, and I got to hear his views about art in general when an art student came up and asked him questions.

I made sure to pick up a copy of his volume 2 artbook, Midnight Maurader, which he signed. He also signed my copy of the volume 2 TPB of the Dreamwave TMNT and expressed his disappointment that the series didn't last longer. I agree. He and Peter David were just about to spin the book in a brand new direction (a la Archie's TMNT Adventures in the 90's) before things went sour at Dreamwave. It's a real shame; LeSean's art is so kickass, and I felt that it fit the TMNT like a glove. Check out his Leo sketch:

LeSean is currently a storyboard artist for the show Ben 10: Alien Force, as well as a character designer and director for the wildly popular Boondocks animated series. To see more of LeSean's work and to find out what he's been up to, check out the following links:

LeSean on deviantART

LeSean's official blog: Nervous Breakdowns

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