Friday, September 5, 2008

New Poll

I know I don't have many visitors to this blog, but if you happen to stumble into my cave, please participate in the poll to the right. I'm curious to know which "turtleverse" fans love the most. So vote away! Thanks.

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Dude to me the only decent one is the original black and white comics of the Turtles. Everything was kinda downhill from there - but it was gradual so as a child I loved the start of the TMNT 1987 cartoons - first season was the best as was closet to the original concept - after that it got lamer. Loved the 1990 movie when I was a kid due to it being atleast noirish with all the rain , dark lighting and threatening theme - for a kids film. Was kinda meh about the recent cartoon series and CGI film because I think it's completely NOT what Laird and Eastman first set out to do - a dark, gritty spoof of Miller.