Friday, September 5, 2008

Leo by LeSean Thomas

Sorry for the late post, but whenever things at work get busy, I tend to disappear from the internet. Anyway, the following sketch of Leonardo is from LeSean Thomas, former artist on the TMNT Animated comics from Dreamwave. LeSean was hard to find during SDCC, and I visited the booth he was at twice on Thursday and Friday with no luck. A lady working there told me to keep dropping in because I seemed to keep missing LeSean by just a few minutes. On Saturday, I finally got the chance to meet him. He's a really nice guy and extremely gracious. I spoke to him briefly about his work as a storyboard artist, and I got to hear his views about art in general when an art student came up and asked him questions.

I made sure to pick up a copy of his volume 2 artbook, Midnight Maurader, which he signed. He also signed my copy of the volume 2 TPB of the Dreamwave TMNT and expressed his disappointment that the series didn't last longer. I agree. He and Peter David were just about to spin the book in a brand new direction (a la Archie's TMNT Adventures in the 90's) before things went sour at Dreamwave. It's a real shame; LeSean's art is so kickass, and I felt that it fit the TMNT like a glove. Check out his Leo sketch:

LeSean is currently a storyboard artist for the show Ben 10: Alien Force, as well as a character designer and director for the wildly popular Boondocks animated series. To see more of LeSean's work and to find out what he's been up to, check out the following links:

LeSean on deviantART

LeSean's official blog: Nervous Breakdowns

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