Friday, August 15, 2008

More From Todd Nauck

I wanted to share more awesome artwork that I got from Todd at SDCC '07. First up, is a sketch of Todd's original character, Red Rover, from the Wildguard series. RR is my favorite Wildguard character because of his simple powers, cool costume, and strong will to overcome the odds and become a hero. Coincidentally, RR was one of Todd's first characters that he ever created, way back in elementary school (a story that his wonderful wife, Dawn, shared with me). I voted for RR to make the team, though as it turned out, he was already one of the members Todd had chosen. The readers got to choose one member, with Todd forming the rest of the squad. The overall vote-receiver was a character named Freezer Burn, who has fire and ice powers.

The last bit I wanted to share was a limited print (#94/100) featuring the characters from the Teen Titans Go! animated series and comic books. Todd graciously signed it for me, and I now have it framed and hanging on my wall. Thanks again, Todd!

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