Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Leo by Todd Nauck

I first discovered Todd Nauck's work from an article that was published in Wizard years ago. They were spot-lighting his project called Wildguard, which was the first comicbook series that used reality TV as it's inspiration. Many characters, probably close to 50 or so and all created by Todd, were showcased over the span of 6 issues. Readers got to decide via an online vote which ones they wanted to see make the Wildguard team, which was similar to the American Idol format. I loved the series, as it often poked fun at the absurdity of reality TV as well as superhero stereotypes. It was a great series, and I've been a fan of Todd's work ever since then.

I met Todd for the second time at this year's SDCC, and I didn't know if he'd be willing to sketch a ninja turtle. Most of his work has focused on superheroes. Much to my amazement, it turned out that Todd was a huge fan of the TMNT prior to the cartoon hitting the airwaves. He told me that he drew them in his notebooks so often in high school, that when the cartoon show became a hit, his friends thought that he created the turtles! He seemed really excited to draw a ninja turtle again, and he said that he couldn't remember the last time someone requested one. I asked him to draw his favorite turtle, and Todd cranked out this incredible Leo sketch:

Todd is a very nice guy, easy to approach and talk to. If you see him sitting in artist's alley at any comic con, make sure to go and pay him a visit! Aside from Wildguard, Todd's most recent work includes runs on Young Justice, Teen Titans Go!, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, and American Dream. Please visit the links below to see more of his amazing artwork:

WildGuard: The Art of Todd Nauck

Todd on deviantArt

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